I’m Dan, PhD student at the University of Nottingham. I am a marine biologist who really enjoys being out in the field with experience in ecology, evolutionary biology and aquaculture. Here you will find a summary of my current and past research projects, my resumepublications and galleries of my fieldwork .

My PhD focus on extreme environments and marginal reef communities. Particularly, I am interested in coral reef fishes living in the Persian Gulf (the world’s warmest sea) and the mechanisms by which they mediate seasonal extremes in temperature (in terms of behaviour, life-history and physiology).

In parallel to my PhD project, I am also working with Dr David Feary on the tropical fish invasion in the Mediterranean Sea, focusing (mainly) on lionfish behaviour.

Before moving into my PhD, I have been working as a Research Technician for three yearsProcessing fish in Iceland (Andrew MacColl’s lab, UoN) on a project revolving around evolution and adaptive radiation. My job has taken me all over the northern hemisphere (Scotland, Iceland, Canada and Alaska) allowing me to learn lots of useful skills, explore stunning natural environments and live amazing experiences. In all of this I even find the time to do some science and publish my first paper “The ecology of an adaptive radiation of three-spined stickleback from North Uist, Scotland” (Magalhaes 2016, Molecular Ecology).

Last but not least, I am the co-founder of Nutri2Go and assistant SCUBA diving instructor (BSAC).

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2018 – Whiting J.R.; Magalhaes I.S.; Singkam A.R; Robertson S.; D’Agostino D.; Bradley J. E.; MacColl A. A genetics-based approach confirms immune associations with life history across multiple populations of an aquatic vertebrate (Gasterosteus aculeatus) Molecular Ecology. Published online on 20/06/2018.

2018 – Gordon, T. A., Harding, H. R., Clever, F. K., Davidson, I. K., Davison, W. , Montgomery, D. W., Weatherhead, R. C., Windsor, F. M., Armstrong, J. D., Bardonnet, A. , Bergman, E. , Britton, J. R., Côté, I. M., D’agostino, D. , Greenberg, L. A., Harborne, A. R., Kahilainen, K. K., Metcalfe, N. B., Mills, S. C., Milner, N. J., Mittermayer, F. H., Montorio, L., Nedelec, S. L., Prokkola, J. M., Rutterford, L. A., Salvanes, A. G., Simpson, S. D., Vainikka, A., Pinnegar, J. K. and Santos, E. M. (2018), Fishes in a changing world: learning from the past to promote sustainability of fish populations. J Fish Biol, 92: 804-827 (IF: 1.5).

2016 – Magalhaes I. S., D’Agostino D., Hohenlohe P., MacColl A. The ecology of an adaptive radiation of three-spined sticklebacks from North Uist, Scotland. Molecular Ecology  25(17), 4319-4336, 2016/9/1 (IF: 6).

Manuscripts (submitted/in press)

Magalhaes I.S.*, Whiting J.*, D’Agostino D., Hohenlohe P. and MacColl A. “Repeated patterns of local adaptation across adaptive radiations of three-spined stickleback”, in preparation to submit to Nature (*joint first authors)

Magalhaes I.S., D’Agostino D., Hohenlohe P. and MacColl A. “Ancestral variation does not explain phenotypic and genomic variation in freshwater three-spined stickleback” in preparation to submit to Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Manuscripts (in preparation/close to submission)

D’Agostino D., Chapman B., Burt J., Reader T., Santinelli V., Cavalcante G. and Feary D.  “Coping with extreme environments: the influence of thermal variation on fish behavioural ecology”, in preparation to submit to Coral Reef.

Griffiths G., Wade C., D’Agostino D., Burt J. and Feary D. “Population connectivity within an extreme environment”, in preparation to submit to Heredity.

Feary D., Hoey A., Taylor B., D’Agostino D., Vaughan G., Grandcourt E., Pratchett M., Bauman A.,  Cavalcante G. and Burt J. “The life history impacts of living within the world’s warmest sea. In preparation to submit to Journal of Animal Ecology.

Torquato F., Range P., Ben-Hamadou R., Sigsgaard E., Thomsen P., Riera R., Berumen M., Burt J., Feary D., D’agostino D., Marshell A., DiBattista J. and Møller P. “Consequences of marine barriers on metapopulation genetic structure of angelfish across Western Indian Ocean”

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